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Connecting communities with imaginative events.

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Advancing your mission with inspired storytelling. 


INSPIRED Leadership

Christin Daniels, CEO

Christin founded the company in 2013 and has an abundance of passion for bringing community together. She is the visionary, experience and instinct behind every INSPIRED event.  

With an education in marketing, 11 years of business solutions sales in San Francisco and New York, and almost 10 years in the artisan/vendor world, Christin developed a huge heart for the small business owner.  This led to the marketing addition of INSPIRED, helping businesses connect with customers and their community.

Amber Halvorson, COO

Amber brought two decades of growth-focused leadership to the company when she joined.  Her expertise lies in the systems, operations and people that make every interaction with the company an INSPIRED experience. 

Formerly a COO in biotech, behavioral health and the financial services industry, she works with companies to fine tune their operational strategy; and believes healthy operations are integral in maximizing any marketing effort. 

Friends for 20 years, INSPIRED's founders are uniquely bonded by their love of community, passion for sharing the inspiring stories of others, & unending drive to be a champion of small businesses.


Our Mission: Collaborate creativity to cultivate community.

Strengthening communities by connecting people through collaboration, creativity, and events.

WHat We do


Marketing + PR

Marketing + PR


We plan, design, and produce community engaging experiences of all kinds: upscale flea markets, city street fairs, wine & craft beer walks, holiday festivals and more.  Communities gather at our events to enjoy the creativity of people through art, music, food, and drink.

Our mindset when planning an event is based on what we call the event ecosystem.  The community, attendees, local merchants, venue, artisan vendors, musicians, the city municipality, sponsors (and so many more) are all equally considered when planning and producing the event.  INSPIRED's measure of an event's success is based upon the experience of ALL involved. 

INSPIRED Vibe brings experience and creativity to the planning and production of new events, and is also able to assume all of the production responsibility of an existing event as we have with the annual Celebrate Yorba Linda and historic Holiday on Main

Marketing + PR

Marketing + PR

Marketing + PR


We have a passion for helping lift businesses and community-based organizations up to their highest potential!  It is the people behind those businesses that we, and your customers, are most drawn to.  

You, and the people who make up your business or organization, are the heartbeat and connection to your customers.  Our strategy is simple: bring YOU to the surface of your brand image, social media, and website.  

The uniqueness of your brand, and the story behind your passion, is what will attract new customers and increase loyalty to your business. 

INSPIRED's marketing and PR services are rooted in operational strategy.  The IMPACT of powerful messaging and beautiful design is most effective when supported by healthy systems and operations.  We offer consulting in this area as well to ensure your vision and objectives are realized in our collaborative efforts.

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